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Schools Environmental Awards

For over twenty years the Society has made annual awards to six schools in recognition of work they have carried out to improve their immediate environments. Typically schools have undertaken major programmes of work on their own grounds, bringing together teams comprising pupils, teachers, parents and governors. In some cases local businesses have provided sponsorship of materials to support these projects.

Nominations for these awards are received by one of the Advisors in the City Council Directorate of Learning and Culture who subsequently makes recommendations to the Society. The awards are presented to pupils representing the schools at the Annual General Meeting.

Awards made in 2008 and presented in January 2009 were as follows:

Broadmeadow Junior School
in Kings Norton receives the award for being the first Birmingham school to have a purpose built 'Eco classroom' with a green roof, wind turbine and solar panels. The lead teacher involved is Sarah Danes.

Cardinal Wiseman Technology College in Kings Standing has a full size
wind-turbine that helps to heat and light their school and swimming pool and has solar panels that energise a computer suite. The lead teacher involved is John Magowan.

Nelson Mandela School in Sparkbrook has an orchard and many other growing projects and a range of Best Practices for Sustainable Development as a way of school life, despite the need for high security. The lead teacher involved is Sue Wilks.

King Edward VI Girls School Handsworth achieved their BASIC21 Award, were the winners of the ECO stars competition and produced a high quality DVD which was both funny and informative. The lead teacher involved is Catherine Harper.

Timberley Primary School in Shard End has produced a delightful outdoor learning allotment and run a variety of projects using reclaimed wood, attracting local sponsorship and involving parents. The lead teacher involved is Becky Fretter.

Woodcock Hill School in Northfield has an Environmental Policy and a successful Eco Club. It has regular litter picking and sustainability is an element in their school improvement plan. It is recognised as a truly ‘green’ school. The lead teacher involved is Claire Whitfield.




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