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What do we mean by 'citizenship'? The definition evolved within the Executive Council was as follows:- "that every citizen should play a constructive part in the present life and future development of their city". One might say that that's obvious -- if not a little pompous/pious or even naff .. but it's true! So how do we achieve such a goal? Ah, there's the rub..

Do we have a flag day against sin? A 'let's all be better citizens' campaign? . or do we do something that has a good chance of making some impact? We decided that to make real changes in the raft of bad citizenship practices that currently exist eg., crime, litter, drug abuse, binge drinking, vandalism, graffiti writing, et al., we should try to influence the next generation, that is todays schoolchildren and therefore tomorrow's citizens.

We consequently developed two main thrusts; the first (which is now well established) called the Next Generation Awards Programme aimed at 12 to 14 year old children and the second, which is currently under development, called the 'History of Birmingham Work-book' project, aimed at primary school children in the 9 to 10 age bracket. When we launch this second project we will no doubt have a snappier title.

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