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The Eastside Sub-Committee was set up in 2003 to scrutinise plans for the re-development of Eastside. The sub-committee chairman is Glyn Pitchford who along with Mark Balkham and Marcus Hawley comprise the committee.

The sub-committee regularly meets with the city council to review plans and make comments and suggestions concerning various aspects of this important regeneration project. The sub-committee meet frequently with city council planners to exchange views on particular aspects of the development of the area. One of these was the concept of the 9 acre city park which at one time the city were looking to be of a differing concept from the usual concepts or definition of a park.

Concerns over what this might lead to caused the Society to focus debate on what form a park should take and this will now be a predominately green park, which is in accordance with the Society's published view.

In January 2005, at the invitation of the city council, it made a comprehensive response to the Draft Eastside Design and Development Framework which looked at various aspects of transport including pedestrian movement, buses, roads and links with the various forms of transport. Topics such as the park, the "Wheel of Birmingham", the Library of Birmingham and treatment of the River Rea and canals were also examined and commented upon. This response will eventually be incorporated into the supplementary planning guidelines for Eastside.




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