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The Next Generation Awards Programme

The Next Generation Awards programme is a project-based programme for teams of children aged 11 to 14. The programme fits neatly into the Citizenship part of the curriculum at Key Stage 3 and is usually completed in around six weeks in the second or third term. Typically teams of about 6 to 10 children work together on a structured programme, following a set pattern for the first few weeks and gradually developing their own approaches as their work evolves.

Over 1500 Birmingham children are participating in this programme this year.

The Next Generation Awards Programme

Councillor Jim Whorwood with Mrs Anna Dunford from The Wilkes Partnership, two of the assessors for the programme.

In a nutshell, the programme involves asking teams of children to:
· Consider what life in Birmingham will be like when they project their lives forward by about 20 years
· Identify the issues that could be addressed to improve the quality of their lives and those of their own children
· Propose action plans for the changes that they think should be implemented
· Present their plans for assessment by a panel including leading figures from business, the professions and politics. Each presentation will be considered for the award of a Gold, Silver or Bronze Award and each pupil will receive a certificate recognising their team's achievement.

A comprehensive Teachers' Handbook is provided for each participating teacher including:
· a number of outline lesson plans
· materials that can be copied for distribution to children
· guidance on the preparation and delivery of presentations
· details of the assessment process and criteria.
To download and read this handbook you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.
A copy of the latest Teachers' handbook may be downloaded by clicking here.

Schools will be expected to:
· Decide on participation as early as possible in the school year
· Identify the Lead teacher and participating pupils and prepare an outline project plan by 31 January
· Have their presentations ready for assessment by 30 June.
Results will be announced in the third week of July and awards will be presented in September.

Further information
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