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The Planning Committee comprises Paul Lister, Freddie Gick, Marcus Hawley, Mark Balkham, Ross Bellamy, Rob Blyth, Adele Pulisciano, Honorary Alderman Dennis Minnis, Adam Pearson, Peter Troy, Glyn Pitchford, Rob Blyth, all of whom have their own specialisms in the fields of planning and architecture.

The remit of the Planning Committee includes forming views on proposals, applications and developments and indeed all aspects of the built environment and open spaces, and presenting those views in a targeted way to the most relevant body. Due to the often fast-moving nature of the issues discussed, the Committee meets monthly.

Since the creation of the Planning Committee in 2003, it has progressed to the point where its views are now sought by the Council and developers as a matter of course. There are numerous examples of projects where there is ongoing dialogue with the Planning Committee, including Paradise Circus, where the Civic Society's own design of how the site should be re-developed was presented to the Council and which forms the basis of the preferred option for the redevelopment of the site; and the Edgbaston Shopping Centre, where all the Committee's suggestions were implemented.

The Executive Council of the Society appoints a member of the Planning Committee to sit on the city council's Conservation & Heritage Panel, our current represenative being Ross Bellamy.

The committee is not just a conservation body, but takes an holistic approach to planning, which encompasses development, regeneration and conservation, and modern architecture is just as likely to be applauded, as long as the Committee feels that it complements and fulfils the needs of the surrounding area.

The Committee currently has three sub-committees to focus on particular aspects of its work which requires close attention. These are:

Baskerville House
Baskerville House




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