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'Birmingham Trees for Life’ is a project devoted to promoting awareness and understanding throughout the city of the value and importance of trees, to raise money to enable more trees to be planted, and to encourage the involvement of everyone, especially young people, in planting trees.
‘Birmingham Trees for Life’ (BTFL) is a partnership between the Birmingham Civic Society and Birmingham City Council.  Formed in July 2006, BTFL spreads the message that trees matter, ensures that more trees are planted, and that those we have are valued and looked after. By working in partnership, the two organisations have access to both the land and resources to plant and maintain trees and woodland in Birmingham’s parks and open spaces.

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Tree Planting at Perry Park

Birmingham Trees For Life

Tree planting at Perry Park

Planting Trees at Perry Park

Children planting trees
at Perry Park

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'Birmingham Trees for Life' (BTFL) is managed within the Birmingham Civic Society by the Trees Committee.  Many years ago, the Society helped the City to create and develop new parks. The Trees Committee draws together members of the Society, councillors and officers of the City Council, local environmental experts and representatives of the community.  The BTFL team is also keen to seek more involvement from among the city's business community.
Our objectives are:

  • To plant more trees in Birmingham.
  • To involve the city’s business community.
  • To involve local communities and school children.
  • To raise awareness of the importance of trees.
  • To raise money to increase tree planting.

We want to spread the message that trees do matter - they improve the landscape and contribute to our overall health and well-being, as well as reducing pollution and flooding. Birmingham Trees for Life is the city's own local organisation, dedicated to planting trees in the city and improving the environment for local people. 
Already, many local schoolchildren have been involved in planting trees, learning about the importance of trees and the natural environment.  BTFL is also working with Park Friends Groups - volunteers who care about their local park and want to help in maintaining it - and links in with Birmingham Open Spaces Forum to increase links with these groups.
BTFL has also received support from Birmingham businesses keen to contribute to the local environment by planting new trees in the city's urban spaces, but is looking for more companies to get involved in this important activity.  There are several levels of sponsorship available to businesses, starting at just £250 for ‘Bronze Plant a Tree for Life’ sponsorship.  If your company would like to support the local environment as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility or ISO 14001 programme, please go to the BTFL website for more information about business sponsorship.
Why Trees Matter

Trees are an important part of our natural life support system: they have a vital role to play in the sustainability of our towns and cities and we need to take better care of them, both now and in the future. 

Trees and woods help to improve the quality of life for the millions of people who live and work in urban areas, and since the West Midlands is one of the country’s largest conurbations, Birmingham is a very good place to show how the urban forest can contribute to sustainable city living.  We are lucky to have lots of trees in Birmingham, but many were planted more than a century ago, so this wonderful living legacy is under serious pressure and in decline. With care, we can continue to enjoy it for some years yet, but we also need an extensive programme of replacement planting to provide the trees and woodlands for the future that will match the vision of the past.
Our trees keep us healthier; they filter polluted air alongside our busy roads, they provide shade and a calming setting for recreation and relaxation. They absorb carbon dioxide, one of the world's major greenhouse gases so they are very important in the fight to reduce the rate of global climate change. They provide habitats for birds and other wildlife in the city, close to homes and schools. Trees soften the harshness of urban landscape and many people prefer to live in the leafy residential areas of the city.

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